Food of Ibiza – The Natural Dispensary

19th March 2015

Spring has well and truly arrived in Ibiza, bringing with it a vibrant wash of new colours to the already lush landscape. For me it’s a timely reminder of just how abundant this small island is with such an amazing variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs growing all around you. The end of winter […]

How To Grow An Ibizan Food Garden by Gardener Jac

3rd February 2015

  There´s nothing more rewarding than growing your own food to create and make your own recipes. At The Ibiza Kitchen we intend to bring to you the knowledge and expertise of Gardener Jac, a self professed food lover who also happens to be a dab hand in the garden. We have started a growing project […]

Ibiza the island

27th January 2015

  There´s nothing more exciting than the feeling of being part of something special.   Ibiza feels like that. With the diversity of people, cultures and an increased understanding of well-being, the island is now becoming a hub for health and vitality. For anyone working in the food industry in Ibiza it´s an exciting time. […]