Larah Davis Ibiza Retreats Quinoa Green Veggie Surprise with 5 Minute Pesto

Serves: 2 • Preparation Time: 30 minutes • Cooking Time: 30 minutes • Print

Larah has lived here for many years and loves her connection with nature. She loves Ibiza because she feels that magic is always in the air here, living immersed in nature, in harmony with the seasons and connected to the elements.

Larah is a holistic life coach, yoga teacher and the founder Ibiza retreats. This is her recipe “quinoa green veggie surprise”

This recipe is reflective of Larah, the essentials being that you have to try and find things either from the ground or from the local area, try and use ingredients which reflect the local environment you live in, reflect the seasons and the local food producers to create your dish.

Our version is just the vegetables with locally picked herbs but add gorgeous locally produced cheeses for added “yum”



Step 1

Boil the quinoa on a medium heat until the grains are soft using packet instructions saute the vegetables and pop them in the pan with some lemon zest and lemon juice.

Step 2

In a pan add garlic, onion, leeks and and brown, add the quinoa and then water and cook until tender. Add the vegetables and stir.

Step 3

Make the pesto, whizz together in a blender oil, basil, toasted pine nuts, salt, pepper and garlic. Mix with quinoa.


Step 4

Top with grated can caus cheese, ewes milk or goats cheese

Look for wild asparagus in February and march or ceps (mushrooms) for a deeper, more resonant flavour.

Sprinkle toasted seeds if it tickles your tastebuds.


More about Larah

Find out more about Lara through Ibiza Retreats website or the facebook page



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