Louisa Collyns Deep Reflection Alkaline Balancing Choc Berry Smoothie

Serves: 1 • Preparation Time: 5 minutes • Cooking Time: 0 minutes • Print

Inspired by a resident, created by Ibiza Kitchen presents Louisa Collyns.

Louisa is a pilates teacher and freediving instructor in Ibiza. Freediving is a fabulous way to enjoy Ibiza’s waters during summer (or winter if you are very brave!). Louisa teaches beginner and intermediate divers, and anyone who wants to improve their technique. She uses freediving and pilates as a practical application to improve mindfulness.

Freediving take up a lot of energy and freedivers work to eat as many alkaline balanced meals as possible. This is because it´s considered that the tissues and cells in our body will utilise oxygen better in a more alkaline environment. So here is her recipe for a post-dive alkaline-balancing smoothie, which can also enjoyed for breakfasts or snacks




Step 1

Pop all ingredients into a blender and blend. Dipping the excess fruits in the smoothie optional (but goooood)


Dip…. eat….


More about Louisa



Information on freediving and more about deep reflection here http://deepreflection.cool/

Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/pages/Deep-Reflection-Pilates-and-Freediving/1488047371427800



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