Rachel Montague Model Performer Summer Nude Pops

Serves: 4 large pops or small 8 • Preparation Time: 20 minutes • Cooking Time: Chill time 2 hours minimum • Print

Rachel´s face is synonymous with Ibiza. She´s probably graced the pages of most magazines, danced in all the clubs and performed in most shows. After speaking with her, we know she´s just as beautiful inside as out.

Rachel told us she really hasn’t got words to describe her relationship with Ibiza, other than it´s the most powerful place she´s ever come across and never wants to leave.

Rachel chose nude pops. Why Nude Pops? Because it´s literally naked, just fresh fruit and vegetables and for her a relation to the naughty nakedness of Ibiza. Rachel eats them when she needs a quick pick me up around fashion shoots or performances.

These nude pops are great for children as well as adults with a sweet taste, great for keeping us cool in summer and packed with vitamins and nutrients.



Step 1

Juice the vegetables, beetroot, carrot, ginger and cucumber.

Step 2

Pour into a blender and add the fruit. Blend with the super food powders

Step 3

Pour into lollipop moulds and use the leftovers to pour into ice cube trays or just drink as a juice.

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More about Rachel

Find out more about Rachel through her modelling agency Diva Models http://www.devamodels.es/rachel montague

Or her facebook page https://www.facebook.com/rachel.montague.313

You can keep up with what Rachel does and even some of her own recipes on Instagram https://instagram.com/rachelmontagueibiza/


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