Salted Pistachio Cocoa Bites

Serves: 16 balls • Preparation Time: 30 mins • Cooking Time: 0 mins (chill time 1 hr minimum) • Print

These little balls of gorgeousness are the perfect snack, energy bite post workout or a guilt free treat for any of you chocoholics out there. They store well in an airtight container in the fridge for a week (if they last that long) and, if chilled properly, a really good portable snack for the beach or island adventure day.



Step 1

Blend the pistachios and add the pinch of salt. Blend to a powder and taste. You should just be able to to taste the salt only slightly, if not add a pinch more. Add to a flat sided bowl.

Step 2


Blend the avocado, prunes, cocoa and honey. A smoothie maker may not be strong enough for this, you will need a food processor. Taste. If you want it chocolatier, add cocoa, sweeter? Add honey. Don´t overblend. You want a thick paste, not a runny liquid.

Step 3

Fill a small bowl with water. Keep your hands wet. Use a teaspoon to scoop about a golfball size of paste and roll into a ball in your hands. Drop into the pistachio powder. Repeat until all paste is now in a ball and in the pistachio powder bowl.

Step 4

Wash hands and dry. Now roll the chocolate balls in the powder, coating each ball with a thick layer of pistachio. Transfer to an airtight container lined with baking paper.

Step 5

Store in the fridge for upto a week.



Cocoa is said to have the ability to boost endorphins, which act as natural “happy” opiates and are responsible for the highs that are often felt after exercising, laughing, having sex or winning the lottery. Also cocoa is said to increase serotonin, which is the neurotransmitter that antidepressants target in order to boost overall happiness levels.



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