Smokey Red Pepper and Sweet Onion Sauce

Serves: 20 • Preparation Time: 10 minutes • Cooking Time: 40 minutes • Print

This sauce is quick to make and super versatile. Perfect for BBQ´s, picnics, salad sauces, meat sauces and sharing feasts. The sugar can be replaced with honey or stevia should you wish.



 Step 1

Place the peppers, onions and garlic onto a roasting tray and cover in a little oil. Bake for 4o minutes on 180¨c gas mark 4 until blackening slightly.

 Step 2

Blend the oven ingredients and add a little oil to help it blend if you feel the consistency is not smooth enough.

 Step 3

Put a pan onto the low heat, add the oil and fry the paprika for a minute before adding the lime juice and sugar. Add in the blender ingredients and leave on the heat for 5 minutes. Stir and decanter into a jar and store in the fridge until use.




Red peppers contain almost 300 percent of your daily vitamin C intake. Besides being a powerful antioxidant, vitamin C is also needed for the proper absorption of iron.  If you are iron deficient, try combining red peppers with your iron source for maximum absorption.



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