Food is a very important component of a retreat. To fully immerse yourself into a retreat, whether it be meditation or a bootcamp is to take on the new experiences mentally, physically and importantly to understand the chef is creating the right food to match your experience. Each retreat is different, with different goals, different wants and needs from the body, to create a menu, one which works intrinsically with the teaching.

 As an example a yoga menu, created specifically to work with cleansing the body and providing balance and grounding, leaving the body feeling restored and revitalised. This is very important with Kundalini teaching. Light foods, vegan, macro or vegetarian and alkaline based.

In contrast is a bootcamp or fitness retreat. The menu needs to provide sustained energy, nutritionally dense but with a healthy balance of protein, carb and natural sugars to keep the body fuelled for work.

There is also a full network of retreat friends in Ibiza, offering a team of fitness experts, holistic therapists, teachers, nutritionists, butlers, cleaners, nanny’s and more should you require.